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Science Students Study in London Museums

27 November 2015

On Wednesday 18 November, 24 Lower Sixth scientists joined Mrs Coldrick and Mr Tomaszewicz at New Street station at 6.55am to take the train to London. Although it was early, not one girl missed the train! The group were excited to be visiting two museums in London as part of a Science trip.

The first museum we visited after travelling by tube from Euston was the Science Museum. The tube itself was exciting and a little intimidating for those of us who had never used the London Underground system before. Upon arriving, we were given tasks to record information about various famous scientists and the importance of their discoveries and how each are relevant to the present day. Many of us took photographs of the original model of DNA which was made by Watson and Crick, a topic which we have studied recently in Biology.

We enjoyed our packed lunch at the Natural History Museum, and were able to explore the exhibits. We looked at a variety of crystals, fossils and animals in a taxidermied form, there was something to keep everyone interested. We spent some time in the Dinosaur exhibit and were amazed to see how large and intimidating they would have been. There was an exhibit about Minerals including diamonds, butterscotch crystals and a hollow cube which gave us a new appreciation about the importance and range of natural occurring minerals.

We then travelled by tube to Covent Garden where we were able to visit the shops and enjoy a leisurely dinner. We all met up to travel to Euston before heading back to Birmingham.

We had a really fun day as well as learning new things about the history of science and how science has developed over time.

Ellen Hahn & Leah Khan
Year 12



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