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04 October 2013

Reception girls have continued to make good use of the new outdoor classroom and the autumnal weather. They have been observing the nature around them at close quarters and have used their drawing skills to make detailed sketches of leaves.

Year 2 went on an Autumn Walk to the school allotment looking for signs of Autumn. They saw blackberries, acorns and autumn-coloured leaves on their way. Whilst on the allotment they observed pumpkins, raspberries, beetroot and lots of mouth-watering apples in the orchard. They were inspired by their walk to sequence pictures to help them create an Autumn Adventure story.

Beenish Ahmad 2S wrote:

"One Sunny morning two boys called Josh and Sam were bored so the two boys decided to climb the fence. They took one look at a tree and climbed it to eat the crunchy, red, juicy and sweet apples. Just then a black, fierce dog barked loudly. Next a farmer called Farmer Bill said, get off my tree. The two boys climbed off the apple tree and they ran and ran and ran. Josh and Sam ran screaming to their Mummy and Daddy!"

As part of their Geography studies Year 1 girls have taken a walk around the local area. They have looked at the houses, shops, road furniture and have completed a traffic survey.

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