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29 January 2016

Last week ended with Year 4 girls being transported to the rainforest as they enjoyed the annual Rainforest Roadshow.  Many girls reported having faced their fears as they ‘stroked’ a live tarantula and we are very proud of the courage shown.

In addition to these girls showing interest in entomology and anthropology there has been much enjoyment of other STEM subjects and you can read more about our young scientists and mathematicians in the separate articles. 

We congratulate Nikita Sharma in Year 6 for having been selected to take part in the final round of the Primary Maths Challenge.  We wish her luck in the final stages.

Congratulations also go to our Swim Squad girls who were narrowly beaten, by just four points, in the gala against Bromsgrove on Tuesday evening.   All girls swam very well and we thank them for their efforts.

We celebrated as a whole school on Wednesday as we all gathered in the Octagon to mark Edgbaston High School’s 140th birthday where we discovered that EHS shares its birthday with the telephone!  Girls from Nursery to Year 13 joined together to sing the school song and ‘Happy Birthday’ to the school.  Quite an achievement!  There was the added bonus of cake for break and Nursery girls were particularly impressed by the large, square celebration cake.

We look forward to welcoming parents to 5E class assembly on Tuesday and to the gym display in the Octagon on Wednesday evening.

Mrs Sally Hartley
Head of Preparatory School

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