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16 June 2017

This busy week has been full of activity for girls in the Prep School. It started on Monday with a special event for Year 5 History Club members who enjoyed an Aztec feast. The girls ate tasty tortillas, kidney beans, sweetcorn, mushrooms, honey, guacamole, tomatoes and chillis and drank delicious hot chocolate and papaya juice. There was a variety of different melon for dessert. They did give the variety of insects that the Aztecs also enjoyed eating a miss this time!

The girls in Nursery, however, went out to search for some of these small creatures to extend their topic on ‘Minibeasts.’ They also visited Nurse Heyes in the Medical Centre. They were very pleased to present her with a special Peppa Pig picture they had made to decorate her office.

Tuesday brought a creative day for Years 1 and 2 as they were entertained by Major Mustard the puppeteer. They enjoyed a show in the morning which was followed by a workshop to make puppets for Year1. In the afternoon, they worked with our parent helpers to create stories of their own featuring the characters they had created. Another enjoyable day.

In the afternoon of Tuesday there was a further experience for Year 6 who learnt about the sport of dog agility which you can read more about in the separate story. This was part of the enrichment program for Year 6 which has included a first aid session and the most enjoyable experience of travelling back in time to Ancient Egypt.

Whilst Year 6 were finding out about life in the past Year 2 girls were busy at their first swimming gala. The event began with all girls showcasing their best stroke and moved on to a range of relays. These included floats, arm bands, woggles and lots of fun. It was very encouraging to see the developing stroke techniques and confidence and all with smiling faces. The final result was a win for Johnson House, who we congratulate.

The week has ended with our Summer Concert and a trip to the Nature Centre for Reception girls which we will report on next week.

Next week we are looking forward to our Charity Fair, Year 5 and 6 Teatime Concert and Sports Day for all girls in Westbourne and Prep. We also wish good luck to our swimmers taking part in the English Schools Swimming Association finals in Sheffield on Saturday and we hope to see many families at the Allotment Open Afternoon.

Mrs Sally Hartley
Head of Preparatory School

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