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12 February 2016

In Prep we always enjoy learning poetry, and the focus in Nursery this term is on learning Nursery Rhymes. The girls ended last week’s activities based on ‘Wee Willie Winkie’ with a pyjama day when they put dolls to bed and read them a story. They also sat in the dark and lit a candle too.

This has been another busy week in the Prep School where we have marked the start of Chinese New Year and have also enjoyed the age-old tradition of tossing pancakes. This started with our youngest pupils and included all girls from Years 1 – 6 taking part in an inter-House competition. For details and the winning result please read the extra article.

Some of our sportswomen have been busy this week too. In the gala against Abbotts Bromley School, the squad of girls was successful and came home with a good win. A number of netball matches were also played against Blue Coat School on Wednesday. All girls in the four EHS teams played extremely well and there was a win for the A team with 9 goals to 2.

Curriculum work for the girls in Key Stage 1 has included practical elements this week. In Year 1, in their History lessons, girls have been looking at life in the Victorian times. They had some good ideas what the artefacts they studied might have been used for…a fly catcher, a mat to put hot pans on or a fancy hat, a soup bowl and a coat hanger. They were in fact a rug beater, a fly net to go over food, a chamber pot and a washing dolly. Other artefacts they looked at included a bed warmer, a candle snuffer and a jelly mould.

In Year 2 the girls are super scientists! They have investigated what is needed to make an electrical circuit. They have discussed electrical safety issues and the use of electricity around the home and have identified which items are powered by mains or battery or both.

We have been pleased to welcome parents into school this week for our Parents’ Evenings and to 5F class assembly. The topic they chose to talk about was ‘Leap Year’ and they shared many interesting facts which they had learned.  They presented a number of sketches and everyone performed with confidence, working extremely well together.

Further confident performers were the girls in 2R who talked in assembly about how lucky they are to have so many activities to choose from and to enjoy.  Then a number of individual girls gave presentations about their hobbies and topics they are interested in. Aleena spoke about the world, Sofia about skating, Sanjeevan about being a member of Beavers, Lara about Rainbows and Luella about Wushu, a martial art that she is learning. We were impressed by them all.

After a very busy few weeks I would like to wish everyone a restful half term break.

Mrs Sally Hartley
Head of Preparatory School

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