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09 October 2015

The lovely autumn sunshine was perfect this week for a trip to the Botanics and Reception girls enjoyed their visit. They went to look at the changes taking place in this colourful season. Then, back in the classroom they continued their work on healthy eating by working together to make some fruit baskets from a selection of different materials.



 The girls in Nursery have also been enjoying a range of activities which have focused on colours. Their yellow activities have included chopping bananas and eating them for their snack and playing with yellow gloop. They also helped to make green play-doh.



In the Prep Department the School Council Representatives have been busy collecting ideas for this year's charity. A list of these is now being compiled and the Council will arrange for all girls to vote. New suggestion boxes have arrived and the School Council Board is in place. This displays the Council members, the agreed manifesto and the current activities.


Year 4 girls extended their knowledge of religious buildings by visiting St George's Church on Wednesday. They looked at the general plan of the church and at the important furniture. We look forward to returning for the Carol Service later in the term.


Later in the morning on Wednesday girls in 6G experienced a new form of Music making when they attended a handbell workshop at school. In less than an hour the girls learnt to play three tunes and really enjoyed working together. Thank you to Mrs Vaughan for giving her time to teach the girls a new skill. We are sure the other Year 6 girls are looking forward to their turn and we will report later on their progress.


Thursday was a busy day which started with a celebration of National Poetry Day. Year 5 girls performed some poems they had written based on their recent visit to the Land Rover factory. They had seen the robots at work performing many tasks. They used the experience to work together in pairs and groups to produce sound poems with automated actions. We enjoyed the wide variety of styles from the different groups. Well done to our Year 5 poets!



Later in the day EHS hosted the Heads of the GSA Prep schools in the Midlands region. They all enjoyed the hospitality and meeting together to share good practice.

Next week we look forward to welcoming parents to our Parents' Evenings in Westbourne and the Prep Department and Year 2 girls are excited about being transported back to the time of the Fire of London.


Mrs Sally Hartley
Head of Preparatory School

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