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05 February 2016

National Storytelling Week brought a number of activities to Prep this week.  It began with Year 1 girls sharing their favourite stories from home with Reception girls.  You can read more about this transition activity in the extra story.

Girls from 5E also entertained their parents with a selection of their storytelling skills in Tuesday’s assembly.  The presentations which were all based on work created in English lessons included Land Rover performance poetry, story retelling and fables written by the girls.  It was clear that the girls have really been enjoying their lessons.

Wednesday was a very busy day from beginning to end.  It began with girls from Reception and Years 1 and 2 helping Mrs Aston in assembly to demonstrate how multi-talented we all are.  Then, during the afternoon Year 6 girls played netball against Bromsgrove School with great success.  The ‘A’ team won 9 – 2 and the ‘B’ Team 9 – 1.  Year 6 also visited the Senior School Classics department to extend their Ancient Greek knowledge. The day ended with a display of gymnastic skills as our Senior Gym Squad showcased the routines they have been preparing.

In Year 2 girls welcomed Nurse Heyes to talk about hygiene and how we can stop germs from spreading. The girls answered questions about washing their hands and what to do when they sneezed or coughed. They looked at enlarged pictures of germs under a microscope. Let’s hope we can scare away those germs and stay healthy for the rest of the term!

Other activities in Prep this week included a visit from Mr and Mrs Peacock from the Botanical gardens and a number of history extension activities.

Next week we look forward to seeing everyone at our Parents’ Evenings and welcoming 5F parents to the class assembly.

Mrs Sally Hartley
Head of Preparatory School

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