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03 February 2017

This has been National Storytelling Week and in the Prep School Year 3 girls demonstrated excellent skills as they started our week telling stories they had written themselves.  They had been inspired by Giles Abbott’s workshop earlier in the term and had clearly listened extremely carefully to his advice.  Their stories were imaginative, and they used different character voices, humour and actions to add colour to their stories.  They also worked well in their story teams to entertain us.

In our celebration assembly, we congratulated our swimmers on their win against Holy Trinity and awarded a set of Music and Well Done certificates.  On Tuesday, we added congratulations to the Year 6 netballers who beat Moseley School in the local league match.  Miss Dawes was very pleased with the standard of play.  We are very proud of all of the girls’ achievements.

Members of History Club have been busy learning about Aztec Civilisation and enjoyed an Aztec feast this week!  The girls ate tortillas, kidney beans, sweetcorn, mushrooms, honey, guacamole, tomatoes, plain chocolate and chillies, washed down with hot chocolate and papaya juice.  There was even melon for dessert.  Although the Aztecs also enjoyed feasting on hairless dogs, green iguanas, axolotls and a great variety of insects we decided to give those a miss!

Girls in Reception and Years 1 -3 were transported to China in assembly on Wednesday as we found out more about Chinese New Year celebrations helped by Eleanor and Luella.  They talked about the traditions of the lantern festival, red gift envelopes, lion dancing and family celebrations.

Meanwhile in Year 2 girls have continued their topic of Light and Colour by investigating the properties of different materials. They found out whether a variety of materials were transparent, translucent or opaque. They worked together to sort them into groups and then recorded the results in their Science books. They will further extend their knowledge of this topic at the Planetarium next week. 

Girls in Nursery have been learning nursery rhymes this term.  One of the teachers brought a water and sand play boat for the girls to use to bring ‘Row, Row, Row Your Boat’ to life.  They have also enjoyed experimenting making patterns in bright coloured paint with paint brushes.  When they were finished, they helped with the clearing up.

On Thursday, the girls in Years 1 – 6 welcomed Dr Edwards, one of our parents, to school in preparation for our charity event in support of ‘Little Hearts Matter.’  Dr Edwards talked about how the heart works, her work in intensive care looking after babies who have heart problems and how the girls can look after their own hearts.   We now have a clear understanding of how important it is to support charities and the work of the hospital in helping families with children who are unwell.

The week has finished with our Open House morning in Year 1 and our Year 6 girls looking forward to another Saturday morning Art workshop.

Next week we look forward to welcoming parents to 5E and 5F class assemblies and to the Portsmouth Netball Tour meeting.

Mrs Sally Hartley
Head of Preparatory School

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