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Our Own Olympics

01 July 2016

The weather may not have been as perfect as in Rio but it did stay dry enough on Friday 24 June for us to hold our two Sports days.

In the morning the girls in Years 1 and 2 enjoyed the support of parents and friends as they ran, jumped, skipped and balanced their way down the track.  They worked hard to showcase their developing skills and clearly enjoyed themselves.

It was the turn of girls in Years 3 – 6 in the afternoon.  They added long jump and rounders ball throw to the track events of varying distances up to 600m.  There were also a number of novelty races which included space hoppers, walking in big feet and the three-legged race.

The House support was tremendous as the girls supported each other to finish.

Final results:

Years 1 and 2 winning House was Nightingale

Years 3 – 6 winning House was Frank

Well done to our budding athletes!

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