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Nursery Girls' School Adventures

05 February 2016

The Nursery girls are always keen to find out more about their school and regularly go on adventures to visit different parts.

This week whilst they were exploring in the Octagon, Nursery girls examined the ‘snappy’ green chairs that reminded them of crocodiles!  It was quite a feat to sit on these unaided.

In Senior School they met Mr Watson who kindly showed them the school’s silver commemorative birthday spoons.

On the next part of the journey Nursery girls saw some smart soldiers, who reminded them of, ‘the grand old duke of York.’  The girls counted buttons on the soldiers’ tunics and admired the beautiful red poppies following which they enjoyed five minutes of rest on the comfy sofa.

Refreshed, the girls set off on the trail of lunch. They watched Mrs Hart and Mrs Osborne lay the table. They had earlier been practising this skill as part of their work on ‘Hey Diddle Diddle’ (the dish ran away with the spoon!).

School is always full of adventures for our young pupils.

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