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21 October 2016

The girls at EHS are always keen to do all they can to promote the importance of taking care of the planet.  1C are no exception and they presented a very thought-provoking assembly to their parents at the end of last week.  They acted out the story of a group of penguins who travelled the world educating people they met about saving the planet.

Our harvest assembly on Monday of this week highlighted just how many food miles it takes to allow us to buy what we want from the supermarket.  Jaipreet and Maryam helped to demonstrate how the items for a simple pizza might travel 22,500 miles to reach us.  Girls were encouraged to remember how lucky they are to have food they like to eat and to be grateful to the farmers who produce it.   We also thought about the impact this can have on the environment.

Food and eating healthily is also this term’s topic in Reception and in the pictures below you can see some of the marvellous meals and fantasy desserts that the girls have made in line with their studies

On Monday afternoon, Year 2 girls enjoyed a visit from another group of people who help us.   Firemen from the local station came to school to talk to the girls about their work.  This was an extension of the topic covered in History on the Fire of London and allowed the girls to compare fire-fighting methods of today with those of the past.  Thank you to our visitors.

Our School Council Representatives met on Tuesday to make the final decision on the charities to be supported this year.  They had canvassed the views of the girls in their classes and the charities elected for this year are Birmingham Children’s Hospital and Water Aid.  They also discussed a possible change of name which will be considered further next term.

During this week, the girls in school have enjoyed a number of other opportunities to extend their Geography knowledge and skills.  In Nursery, Ciara returned from a holiday to Cypress with some costumes which the girls enjoyed dancing in. 

Girls in Years 5 and 6 managed to visit the Amazon Rainforest, the moon, the Great Barrier Reef and a volcano without even leaving school.  They were invited to join Senior School Geography teachers to experience a number of Google expeditions.  The interactive viewers allowed them to see exactly what life is like in these areas.  The excitement was obvious from their enthusiastic responses.

Year 2 girls have been challenged to investigate their own environment.  They increased their general knowledge by identifying and labelling a variety of leaves and berries which they then made into collages.

We ended the week with our Pink Day in support of Breast Cancer Care.  The playground, assembly and classrooms positively glowed pink from Nursery to Year 6.  Thank you to parents who joined in too.

We hope that everyone enjoys the half term break and would encourage girls to consider joining in with our Subject Challenges to develop their general knowledge and interests.  The details of this half term’s History Challenge and next half term’s Science Challenge have been emailed to Prep parents.

I close thanking parents for their support of our activities and fund raising this term.

Mrs Sally Hartley
Head of Prep School



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