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Gisela Stuart takes on tough questions

02 December 2016

On Friday 4 November, Gisela Stuart MP arrived in School to attend a question and answer session entitled ‘Brexit Q and A’.

Ms Stuart has been the Labour MP for Edgbaston since 1997, and played an instrumental role in the EU Referendum earlier this year, in which she was chair of the Vote Leave campaign committee. In this role she was a prominent speaker for the campaign, most notably at the televised final debate held at Wembley Arena. She is now Chair of Vote Leave's successor organisation, Change Britain, set up to ensure a smooth exit of the EU.

During the weeks leading up to this exciting event, girls in Years 11-13 spent time preparing questions with Mr Smith, and all looked forward to an enthralling, challenging Q and A. Questions asked by the girls ranged from the pressing - whether Ms Stuart believed 52% was a big enough majority for Brexit and whether the information and data used in the campaign (including the notorious ‘NHS bus’) was misleading - to the playful - how hard was it to eat an ice cream in front of cameras!  The session lead to lively debate between the girls and Ms Stuart, which she took in sporting good humour.

She also took the time to answer questions about her position on certain issues, such as giving 16 year olds the vote and the extent to which the views of her constituency influenced her own.

The event was engaging and enjoyed by all, with debate going on long into the afternoon. Savannah, a student, commented, "She gave me a lot of insight into exactly what Brexit means and allayed many of my fears. She was well spoken, relatable and amusing in her funny anecdotes."

Many thanks to Ms Stuart and to all of the girls who took part.

Sioned Gill, Year 13

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