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'Maths Inspiration' for Year 12

09 December 2016

On Thursday 17 November, a group of A-Level Maths students travelled to the University of Birmingham to attend a series of lectures called ‘Maths Inspiration’.

During the course of the day the girls listened to a number of talks including one from Dr Emily Grossmon, a science broadcaster and communicator. Emily inspired many of the girls with her passion for science, maths and the stage: she has managed to combine both of her passions in her career, reassuring the girls that you do not necessarily need to choose one career over another.

The girls also sat in two further talks on computer science engineering and decision maths.

Some of the highlights of the trip include learning how many cans of alphabetti spaghetti it would take to code the human genome where Aliya Mukadam won a bar of chocolate for her efforts. Finally, many of the girls enjoyed watching the virtual reality lecture on how maths is incorporated in video games and film.

Holly Morgan 12T

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