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Year 12 Visit the Capital

01 July 2016

On Monday 27 June, Year 12 Business and Economics students travelled to London to visit the Bank of England and the Houses of Parliament.

We arrived in London and took the tube to the Bank of England. Once inside the Bank of England we had the opportunity to tour the museum which charted the history of the bank, building and money. We learned that the Bank of England currently holds over a billion pounds worth of gold in its vaults and we each attempted to lift a gold bar that weighed 13 kilos and is worth over £300,000. We then move into the cinema style room where our group had their talk explaining the relationship between the Bank of England and government and the role that they play in enabling government to fulfil their macro-economic objectives.

From the Bank of England we took the tube to Westminster and then made the short walk to the Houses of Parliament. We had lunch on the terrace at the House of Lords where we had an amazing view of the river Thames and surrounding buildings. Lord Shutt gave us a tour around the beautiful buildings and took us into the public gallery to listen to the oral question session. We then moved on to our own committee room which was very impressive, complete with individual microphones so we could take part in a Q and A session with Lord Shutt and three of his colleagues. After receiving goodie bags we had to move on to walk back to Euston station via Downing Street and Buckingham Palace, taking pictures of the fabulous buildings and feeling very touristy.

Overall, it was a very informative and enjoyable trip. The weather was kind and the city was vibrant and busy which was no surprise after the events of the previous week!

We would like to thank Lord Shutt for hosting the event and making us feel so welcome.

Year 12

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