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08 July 2016

Earlier this month Sioned Gill entered the Inspire 16 Youth Art Award.  The theme of the competition was "What inspires you".  For her entry she chose the natural world around us that not only inspires her but others around her.  Sioned has been selected for an exhibition on 'Young Creatives' to be shown in Birmingham Museum and will attend the official opening later this month.

Read Sioned's entry below;


A simple green leafed tree
A small humming bee
Perfected with age
Runs down the page
Like a trail of gold
Shimmering in your hold
Darkening in early night
Glistening in morning light
Like all the stardust collected from a single star
Bottled in a single jar
Collected in one side
Mounted on the wall and tied
To this earthy chain
All encompassing yet plain
Curling around the verbs
Like the winter season around summer herbs
And unpinning the nouns
As steady as these worldly grounds
Harmonious like the night sky
And the wolf's echoing cry
Rising over the ghostly heath
And to the earth far beneath
Symmetry holding these lines together
Our humanly tether
A universe on a shoe string
Winter to autumn to summer to spring
If only for a time
Till the last clock chime
To fold and be reborn
On a different morn
Written on another day
In a new way
In another man's hand
On a new land


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