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Greek Beauty at the British Museum

20 March 2015

On Tuesday, our Year 12 Classicists headed off to London with Mrs Whitney on an early morning train for a packed day of activities to help them prepare for their forthcoming AS examinations.

The day started at the British Museum where preparations are underway for this year's highly publicised exhibition of Greek sculpture. This will bring together a range of iconic artefacts, such as Myron's Diskobolos and the Parthenon marbles for the very first time. Our students were excited to see at first hand some of the artefacts which they are studying for their Classical Civilisation course.

The girls then made a short walk through Bloomsbury to their AS Latin set texts revision day, where they had the opportunity to hear lectures from leading Oxford and Cambridge academics on their set texts - Ovid's Metamorphoses and Cicero's "pro lege Manilia". The girls agreed that this was a tiring, but profitable and enjoyable day.

Mrs Whitney
Classics Department

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