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Getting Ready for Year 1

12 June 2015

On Tuesday 9 June, another Reception - Year 1 liaison activity took place, this time with a lesson swap. The Reception girls were excited to head to Year 1 for a lesson with Mrs Woodfield, Miss Deacon and Mrs Aston whilst the current Year 1 girls were thrilled to return to their former classrooms and reminisce with their Reception teacher.

Year 1 discussed their favourite memories of Reception and completed a short piece of writing to show how their skills have developed this year, before enjoying the opportunity to once again play with the toys and role play in R3, R4 and R5. Meanwhile Reception were designing, drawing and writing about their own animals using body parts from their favourite creatures. There were some fabulous creations!

It's not long now before Reception make their move to Prep and, without a doubt, the girls are excited about this move and already feel at home in Prep!

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