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Election Excitement in Prep

08 May 2015

Two national votes happened in the country on Thursday 7 May. The girls in Prep took part in the nationwide vote to elect Britain's National Bird.

The process started on Tuesday with ten Year 5 campaign managers giving the addresses in assembly to try to gain votes for their candidate. They followed this up by campaigning in the playground during break times.

On Thursday the Polling station opened at 10.25 am and Year 5 helpers were on hand to marshall the voters who queued keenly to cast their vote. Staff, Governors and even a prospective parent were all keen to join in.

The station closed at 1.10 pm having seen a good turn out from Prep.

EHS's winning candidate was the Mute Swan with previous winner the Robin coming in at only sixth. We are eagerly waiting to see if our vote reflects that of the 340,000 people of the UK who also voted.

Well done to all our representatives and congratulations to Milly who campaigned successfully for the Swan.

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