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15 May 2015

The campaign for the 2015 general election focused on one demographic in particular: the youth vote. As politicians swiftly realised the importance in galvanising the nation's 18 - 25 year olds to back them, more and more efforts were made to engage and speak to young people.

Rhianna Voice, a student in Year 13 has a particular interest in politics and, along with several other students from around the UK, felt compelled to submit an article to the Huffington Post on the outcome of the election. We are delighted to say that Rhianna's article was published:

"As a first time voter, eighteen just over a month ago, one thing struck me in particular and that is the polarisation and patronisation of the electorate and the damage it can do.

"I am of the belief that everyone should vote and it is certainly necessary to have organisations reminding people to register and informing them of the process itself, such as Bite the Ballot. Despite this, it seems inherently damaging to split the electorate along minority lines.

"The polling booth is perhaps the only place where nothing can separate us, race, gender, age, sexuality and that is what makes it so great a privilege. By suggesting that any one group has their own particular issues and insinuating or outright advocating that these should be considered in isolation to the electorate as a whole we are harming our democracy.

"In 2015 we are better than segregation and separation. We should surely be focusing on making the concerns of these groups those of the electorate in general and until this happens we have a long way to go."

Read the full article here:

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