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Celebrating another year of excellence

27 January 2017

Celebrating our school birthday is always a special occasion as it allows staff and students from all three sections of the school - Westbourne, Prep and Senior - to join together to remember our school’s foundations.  Mr Duncan Cadbury, Vice-President of the EHS governing council, led a wonderful Birthday Assembly on Wednesday 25 January to celebrate the 141st year of Edgbaston High School, the oldest girls’ school in Birmingham.

All the students from 2 ½ to 18 years were delighted to hear anecdotes about the history of EHS and how the school has changed over time whilst retaining its traditional, founding values.  They were very surprised to hear that an early inspection report noted that EHS pupils were polite young ladies who never giggled. More recent visitors to the school often comment on the sound of laughter emerging from classrooms and the playground. Girls certainly laughed on Wednesday when Mr Cadbury conjured a Crème Egg from behind Dr Weeks’ ear! 

Mr Cadbury encouraged the girls to reflect on the School’s achievements by looking at the past, present and towards the future.  Remembering the School’s long association with the Cadbury family, he guided us, with the help of chocolate, through how life had changed since 1876, the year that EHS was established.  Two of our Prep students share their birthday with the school and they were presented with a large bar of Dairy Milk to share with their form.

Sioned Gill, our school Poet Laureate, ended the assembly with her poem ‘Legacy of a Mortal Man’ which she had penned specially for the occasion.  At break time students and staff all enjoyed a slice of EHS Birthday cake.

We extend our heartfelt thanks to Mr Cadbury for helping mark this special day in the EHS calendar.


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