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Criminal Justice System in Action

06 March 2015

On Wednesday 4 March, Year 13 girls studying Sociology embarked on a trip to the Magistrates Courts in the city centre.

We watched a number of cases unfold with offences ranging from theft to domestic violence. It was very useful to see how theories we have learnt in the classroom could actually be applied in the real world. We watched a total of four cases, one of which stood out to us as having multiple theoretical aspects which we had learnt about previously. The case included an 18 year old individual who had been accused of stealing a family member's iPad. He had failed to attend two court cases previously whilst on bail, meaning he was now being tried for two crimes.

As sociology students we instantly thought of the theory that once an individual is classed as a criminal they can become stuck in a criminal life where one crime is the gateway to multiple others, thus leading to a deviant career. To be able to apply our knowledge to real life situations greatly enhanced our understanding and interest in how society handles and manages crime.

Finally a big thank you to Miss Graham for organising and accompanying us on the trip; it was thoroughly enjoyable.

Simran Dhaliwal

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