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Celebrations for the Queen's 90th Birthday

29 April 2016

Girls in the Prep School celebrated the Queen’s 90th birthday last week on Thursday.  A card and email were sent to wish the Queen a very happy birthday.  We also had cake at break time in true EHS style.  Each cake was decorated with a picture of the Queen in one of her many hats. 

Westbourne girls had the feeling of a street party as they all wore their crowns to eat their cakes.  They sang Happy Birthday together and counted up to 90. Can you spot the special visitor in the photographs below?

There were other royal activities and celebrations which took place around the school including in Nursery.  The girls had a look at the Royal Birthday display table.  They also had a special Union flag with their name printed on it which they planted in the sand tray whilst wearing their beautiful golden crowns which they had decorated earlier on in the week. 

For their expressive art and design curriculum the girls looked at the British flag, made of 3 colours, red, blue and white.  They used their hands to mix these colours together in a big tray and noticed how they changed.

We are looking forward to celebrating again when the Queen marks her official birthday in June.

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