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Author's Visit Inspires Years 5 & 6

10 October 2014

This report has been written by our newly appointed Prep 'News Hounds'.

On Monday 6 October, six girls in Years 5 and 6 were lucky enough to have a visit from Christopher Edge, the author of '12 Minutes to Midnight', 'The Black Crow Conspiracy' and 'Shadows of the Silver Screen.' Girls were delighted to discover that we would be having a workshop based on these three books.

At the enjoyable workshop we discussed mystery stories and then had the chance to start our own story.

As News Hounds we also had the opportunity to interview Mr Edge. We asked him what inspired him to start writing and he explained that it was the reading of other people's books. We also asked how old he was when he wrote his first book. He responded that he was four years old when he wrote a story about pirates. His mother still has a copy of this now.

Mr Edge told us that he will possibly be publishing a new book in 2016 and he thinks it will be titled, 'Quantum'. He finished by telling us that he thoroughly enjoys visiting schools because he loves listening to children's creativity. He even added that he occasionally uses some of the children's ideas in his books!

We are very grateful to our teachers for giving us this opportunity.

Simran and Fareedat
Year 6 News Hounds

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