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A visit from author Pippa Goodheart

28 April 2017

Years 1 and 2 were happy to welcome Pippa Goodhart back to EHS. Pippa is a celebrated author of books for children, including the Winnie the Witch books written under the name Laura Owen. Pippa travelled from Cambridgeshire to be with us and shared many of her stories with us.

We all particularly enjoyed 'The Bottle of Happiness' and discussed what we would put into our own bottles of happiness. Happy dreams, hugs, sharing and time with our families were all shared ideas. Pippa added wisdom to her Bottle of Happiness along with jokes and laughs.

Pippa gave us top tips for writing stories, especially in starting that first idea. We liked the idea of mixing up stories we already know and changing characters around. Could our classroom clock whizz round backwards? Could a hair clip be a radio receiver?

We thank Pippa and hope she enjoyed her day!

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