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A Step Back in Time

27 March 2015

Year 5 girls enjoyed two Victorian experiences to extend their History study of the period.


Fatimah-Zahra and Hafsah report:

'On Wednesday 18 March we went on a trip to Ironbridge and Blists Hill.At Ironbridge we saw the bridge which is a world heritage site because it was the first bridge ever to be made entirely out of iron.We then drove a few miles to the Victorian town of Blists Hill where we had a scary clay mining experience.After that we spent £3 shopping.We went into a Victorian bakery, a Haberdashers, a sweet shop, pharmacy and many more.

Back in school on Friday 20 we arrived to school dressed as Victorian children. We learnt what it was like to be a Victorian child at school and realised how kind the teachers are nowadays, compared to Victorian teachers. We learnt how to write in copperplate style and performed Victorian plays in groups.'

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