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Engineering in Action

30 September 2016

Staff are always keen to encourage the girls’ interest in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) subjects.  The annual visit to Land Rover is a most enjoyable and informative way to see engineering in action.  It also allows girls to see women working in the engineering industry.

The girls take a factory tour where they see the production line and are able to ask questions of the knowledgeable employees. They see how the robots are coded to make the vehicles and learn that the cars are glued together - always a surprise!

They then have opportunity to apply their robotic knowledge using coding to program traffic lights and cars to move.  There is also a production line competition to build lego cars.

Back at school the girls will now continue to develop their coding skills in other scenarios. 

We also look forward to hearing their performance poems based on the visit.  They are busy working together like the robots to create group poems.

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