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Medieval Mayhem!


19 April 2024

This week saw the culmination of much hard work when Year 6 girls gave three stunning performances of ‘Robin and the Sherwood Hoodies’!  

At the start of the show the introduction promised tights, fights and footlights. These were certainly delivered – and with so much more. There were villains, heroes in many guises, and damsels who all worked well together to tell the well-known medieval tale with much dramatic mayhem included.  

The lines were spoken with confidence, the acting was superb and the comedy lines throughout were delivered with great timing which is not always easy for younger pupils. The singing of the solos and the choral numbers added to the triumphant spectacle. All girls in Year 6 took part and showcased their full range of performance skills throughout whilst also building up a wealth of memories to last a lifetime.

This show was EHS teamwork in action both on stage and behind the scenes and we thank all Senior School girls and staff who were involved.  Special congratulations go to Mrs O’Malley, musical director, and Deputy Head Pastoral Miss Robinson who masterminded and produced the spectacular show.

Huge congratulations to all!

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