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Branchett Returns With Exciting News

Sixth Form

19 April 2024

Branchett Sun, a former student of EHS, recently returned to school to share the exciting news that she has been accepted into Sheridan College in Ontario. Branchett, an aspiring animation artist, has long had her sights set on gaining admission to the esteemed college. At the end of Year 13, determined to pursue her dreams, she vowed to reapply if unsuccessful the first time round.

The news follows Branchett's feature in Birmingham Living magazine's 'Young, Gifted and Brummie' segment, where she shared her aspirations, insights about Sheridan College, and their renowned animation course. Regarded as ‘the Harvard of Animation,' Sheridan is notoriously selective, boasting an alumni roster filled with Hollywood animation heavyweights. Branchett's acceptance into the college marks a significant milestone in her journey towards becoming a professional animator. She is pictured in front of one of her pieces of art, alongside Miss Mullett, Head of Art.

With Sheridan College's reputation for nurturing top animation talent, Branchett's acceptance sets the stage for a promising future in the industry and we look forward to seeing how it all unfolds. 

You can read the original feature on Branchett here:


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