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19 April 2024

This week has been filled with drama as our Year 6 production took place on Tuesday and Wednesday. Monday was a busy last rehearsal day before the girls and staff from Reception to Year 5 watched the full dress rehearsal in the Octagon on Tuesday morning. Then on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings it was the turn of parents and guests to sit back and enjoy a thoroughly entertaining performance. The show was a triumph and we were proud of all of the Year 6 stars.

We also launched this term’s charity fundraising. We are going to be supporting Midlands Air Ambulance and are off to a fantastic start following the generous donation of £600 from the Year 6 production.

Preparations are also in full swing for our forthcoming residential trips as we held our final parents’ meeting this week regarding the trip to France for Year 6. Girls are busy talking about what to pack and the activities they have to look forward to.

Our co-curricular activities have resumed after the break with the newly introduced cricket clubs, tennis coaching and recorder club having been much enjoyed. Karate Club members are busy preparing for their next gradings and all other music, sports and general interest clubs are back in place. Gardening Club girls have also been looking ahead as they started the process of growing carrots and onions.

It is always good to hear from the girls what they have been learning in the classroom and Year 2 are featured in this week’s news. They have been investigating electrical circuits and have worked out how to light a bulb by connecting the bulb to a cell using wires. They also looked at what happened to the brightness of the bulbs when they connected another bulb into their circuit. They have been making good use of having their own iPads too using an interactive 100 square to help answer addition and subtraction questions. STEM subjects in action!

In our assemblies this week we have been focusing on developing resilience and ‘bouncebackability’ and also celebrating what we are thankful for in other people and ourselves. Year 5 and 6 girls joined Senior School on Friday morning to hear the speeches from girls hoping to become Head Girl for next year.  They have enjoyed being involved in the voting process too and are looking forward to meeting the chosen Leadership Team once the votes have been counted.

Mrs Sally Hartley
Head of Preparatory School

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