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Year 5 Find Focus in Engineering

03 October 2014

On Thursday 25 and Friday 26 September, Year 5 went to the Land Rover factory to see the robots working and understand how they were programmed. Half of us went round the factory while the other half did some activities in the education centre, like programming Pippins and controlling robots. Two guides took us round and explained what was happening and how the cars were made.

In the factory, the robots got one piece of metal and connected it to another piece and then passed it on to the next one. When the roof was attached sparks came out of the end of the robot's arm. It was very important for us to wear safety goggles to ensure that no sparks hit our eyes. We also had to stay inside the yellow lines so that the electric buggies did not run us over.

We had the opportunity to take a tiny part of a Land Rover car home because the guides gave us each a rivet which helped to hold the pieces of the car together. Some cars are being made out of aluminium because it is lighter and the car will use less petrol.

If a robot breaks down there is a person to repair it. His special tune is played over the speakers and he will know that he is needed to get the factory working again. The cars moved on an assembly line. It was very noisy when all the machines were working and there was so much to look at.

Everyone really enjoyed the day and learnt how hard it is to program robots. We had a really interesting time and I think some of us may want to work in Land Rover when we are grown up!

Nikita Sharma, Year 5

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