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Economics Students Visit London's Financial District

19 June 2015

On Monday 15 June, eleven Year 12 Business and Economics students travelled to London to visit the Bank of England and the Houses of Parliament.

We arrived in London and immediately took the tube to 'Bank', where our first stop, the Bank of England, is located on Threadneedle Street. Here we had some free time to explore the vibrant, traditional hub of finance in Central London and we ate our lunch sitting on the 16thCentury Royal Exchange building along with many other businessmen and women enjoying their lunch break in the warm weather.

Once inside the Bank of England we had the opportunity to tour the museum which charted the history of the bank, building and money. We learned that the Bank of England currently holds over a billion pounds worth of gold in its vaults and we each attempted to lift a gold bar that weighed 13 kilos worth over £300,000. We then listened to a talk explaining the relationship between the Bank of England and government and the role that they play in enabling government to fulfil their macro-economic objectives.

From the Bank of England we took the tube to Waterloo to check into our hotel and then made the short walk to the Houses of Parliament. Lord Shutt gave us a tour around the beautiful buildings and took us to the public gallery to listen to a debate on trade, industry and economic growth. He explained the role of the House of Lords in decision-making and legislation and allowed us exclusive access to the Queens Robing room and on the terrace where we had an amazing view of the river Thames and surrounding buildings.

After the House of Lords we walked to Planet Hollywood via Downing Street, the Cenotaph and Trafalgar Square. Here we had our tea, which was delicious. We even got a shout out on the screen! After eating we walked back to the Hotel over Jubilee Bridge to look at the views over the river. Once we got back we were all very tired after the long exciting day, so all slept very well.

In the morning we grabbed our own breakfast after which we met the teachers at 9:30am in the lobby. We then had a leisurely walk to Euston station via Buckingham Palace, taking pictures of the fabulous buildings and feeling very touristy.

Overall, it was a very informative and enjoyable trip.The weather was kind and the city was vibrant and busy. We would like to thank Mrs Shutt and Mrs Campbell for organising such an amazing two days in London. We would like to thank Lord Shutt for taking the time to show us around and answer questions.

Year 12

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