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Year 8's Introduction to Rainforest Wildlife

Senior School

06 October 2023

On Tuesday, Year 8 welcomed Ellie from ZooLab, along with a host of rainforest animals, to the Geography department. Girls were introduced to animals including a Giant African Land Snail, a millipede, a White Tree Frog, a Curly Haired Tarantula, and even a Fancy Rat! 

All of these animals live in rainforest environments and the girls discussed with Ellie how each animal is adapted to its environment. The girls also had the opportunity to hold a corn snake and think about how its cousin, the anaconda, is adapted to the rainforest. The girls very much enjoyed their workshops and will have lots to reflect upon in their next Geography lessons! Well done to the Year 8 girls for their exemplary behaviour and their bravery!

Miss Massey

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