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Anya's Week at HSBC

Senior School

06 October 2023

Over the summer Anya completed a work experience placement with HSBC’s Risk function in the Financial support team. Here she shares her experience.

As a child, I had seen my mum going to HSBC and sorting out her bank accounts and I was really intrigued as to how the organisation really works. After receiving an email from my school with an opportunity to have a first-hand experience of how HSBC works, I was really keen to get so I submitted my application and fortunately was successful in the interview process. 

On Monday, via Zoom I was greeted by two Early Careers specialist who presented information about HSBC’s History and Values. A member of staff then explained the do’s and the don’ts of presentation skills and how to control nerves before public speaking. Although I have presented numerous times at school, I feel that I now have a better understanding of how to make a presentation more interesting.

After lunch, I had a speed networking session which meant we were put into virtual break out rooms and many HSBC employees explained their jobs. 

Before the end of the day, we had a session about growth mind set with James Moores who explained the differences between a growth and a fixed mindset and put this into practice by making us draw a cartoon character. I was surprised to see how well I could draw, which made me think I can achieve anything I want, if I set my mind to it.

On Tuesday, I joined a Zoom meeting again speaking to two employees who provided a briefing on what to expect when I visited HSBC in Centenary Square. Joanne talked us through how to make my CV the best it can possibly be and how to create a personal brand. 

On Wednesday, I was met in the reception of Centenary Square for the first on site placement of the week and I couldn’t believe how huge the entire building was. I tried my best to get to grips with the income expenditure documents!

In the afternoon, we were shown a recorded call highlighting HSBC's diligence in verifying loan sources. The day ended with a weekly progress update meeting on risk control.

It was another early start on Thursday because I had to go on-site again. I met Toni who is currently in the graduate programme and she explained that she had a six month rota in each department in the bank. After that, another member of staff showed me the base system for HSBC and talked about their red flag system.

After lunch, I met up with some of the Pride and Charity team who talked about how HSBC is inclusive and that volunteering is an important part of the culture.

My work experience concluded on Friday with sessions via Zoom explaining about what we could do after this work experience and the career paths. 
I heard from students talking about different pathways such as the foundation and degree apprenticeships or the graduate scheme. I also hear about financial education and explained how bad financial habits can be damaging. I loved going through different scenarios and how to use money sensibly in each situation which I am sure will be extremely useful when I go to University and grow older.

I’m hoping to study finance at university, so my work experience has me excited for what I could potentially be working on in the future. It was brilliant to meet with the so many people from many different sectors in HSBC. 

Overall, the week provided insights into HSBC's operations, culture, and career prospects, covering a wide range of topics and experiences. It was a very valuable experience!

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