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06 October 2023

This week has been blue week in Nursery.  It started with girls practising using scissors to snip around some blue circles.  In Mathematics the girls ordered the blue compare bears by height and counted how many they had. They printed sparkly blue shapes onto fish and enjoyed blue water play where they explored the terms full and empty.  

To help develop hand eye co-ordination, they used a blue dabber to make rain on their cloud pictures and put blue paint in the tuff tray and used scrapers to make different types of wavy patterns.  In their IT session, they used the app colour pop where they had to pop the balloons that matched the colours on the screen.  Nursery story of the week was ‘What Colour is Love?’. The girls tried to help Little Grey the elephant find the answer to that very important question and they finished the week by making blueberry pancakes. 

Girls in Kindergarten have taken part in a very busy, action filled, ‘t’ themed week! It started with the girls working on their letter formation and finding objects beginning with t. They were then encouraged to write words that started with the letter t and they thought of so many! Girls have used different art skills to create triangle tigers as well as painting on the classroom tables to print designs on their tiger outlines. Shhh! Don’t tell Mrs Hartley!

Kindergarten played tennis in PE, working hard on their hand eye coordination. They also enjoyed a whole day devoted to their favourite teddies. Lots of time was spent talking about their teddy as well as observations of each other's bears. The highlight of the week was definitely the teddy bears picnic where everyone enjoyed the teddy toast made by the children.

In collaboration with the weather this week, Reception girls made glittery umbrellas as part of the 'u' sound they have learnt in Literacy sessions.  They also progressed onto learning digraphs and when they learnt the 'ai' sound, made rain clouds with the word 'rain' written on!  Both items are now hanging brightly in the classroom. 

In Mathematics, girls have been studying height ordering and used bricks, Lego and cubes to demonstrate their understanding of the terms 'tallest' and 'shortest'.  They are also refining their number formation and are very proud of writing on the light boards as an extension activity. 

Healthy eating was on the menu and girls made healthy meals in their topic Art lessons and then wrote about them in Creative Writing.  They even managed to taste some healthy vegetables too!  

The mud kitchen, in the outdoor classroom, has been so popular that the girls wanted to visit it again this week!  Lastly, but not least, the girls ended the week with their Swimming lesson which is building their water confidence and strength. They have certainly had a fun week over in Westbourne!

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