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Year 6 consider careers in Medicine

26 May 2017

Year 6 girls had an amazing time exploring various medical diagnostic tools when Medical Mavericks came to run their Mini Medic workshop last Tuesday. Tom brought along the actual kit which doctors, medical scientists and nurses use every day to diagnose and treat their patients.

The two ultrasound machines were very popular, with girls using the probes to find their own hearts and livers. Many also confirmed that they are indeed still growing as evidenced by the bone growth plates visible at their wrist. It was fascinating to see our bones move on the screen when we wiggled our finger against the flat headed probe.

Another popular station was the keyhole surgery simulator. Some girls became very involved as they used the laparoscopes to carefully thread a shoelace through some holes or stretch an elastic band in a particular pattern around some pegs.

The blood pressure cuff was fun to use but not as much fun as the double vision glasses. These glasses simulate what it would be like for a person to have double vision. Being that we all had trouble giving each other a high-five we can only imagine what it would be like for someone to live with this condition every day.

To encourage us to stay healthy the girls all had a look at a jar of tar which shows the amount of tar that would accumulate in a person’s lungs if they smoked 10 cigarettes every day for a year.

Tom brought a whole host of items for everyone to use; the girls intubated Eddy the head, took fake blood from Andy the arm and used an iPhone as an ‘eye phone’ to see their retina. It was a jam-packed hour full of learning. The girls all left with a clearer idea of how the medical equipment is used in a healthcare setting and a greater appreciation of all the medical careers which are open to them.

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