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Year 5 Artists in Training

06 February 2015

Developing artistic appreciation and understanding portraits were the main objectives of the Year 5 trip to the Barber Institute on 28th  and 29th  of January. For those girls attending on the first day, the trip also helped to cultivate grit and determination as they battled through snow and blustery winds on their journey to and from the Institute - they are hardy little flowers!

The visit was thoroughly enjoyed by all the girls who are now much more knowledgeable about the purpose of portraits, the painting styles of different artists and the depiction of Ancient Greek legends in art. An added bonus was the chance to view an original painting by Picasso which is currently being exhibited at the Institute.

The girls (as well as accompanying staff and parents) also embraced the opportunity to practise their portrait drawing skills by attempting to recreate two of the magnificent portraits held at the Barber Institute - the finished results were most creditable and clearly showed that the girls have been paying attention in their Art lessons.

Mrs Dawes
Year 5 Co-ordinator

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