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Year 4 board the Golden Hinde

27 May 2016

On the last two Fridays the Year 4 area of school has been decidedly quieter than normal as, each week, half of the year group has visited London.  The destination has been Sir Francis Drake’s replica of the Golden Hinde for the annual Tudor sailing adventure.

Everyone donned their costumes and left female normality behind as they became Officers, Barber Surgeons and Gunners on board ship. The girls learnt to navigate, to raise the anchor and fire a minion gun. In addition, they now know how to ‘cure’(?) a number of common ailments and injuries. They also discovered how they would have been punished for such crimes as chicken theft.

After all the instruction about life on board, they were ready for battle. Amidst noise and confusion, they successfully fought off their attackers.

Everyone had a brilliant time and learnt a great deal about life as a Tudor sailor under Sir Francis Drake.

The actors who led the sessions told the staff that the girls were a credit to the school, both in behaviour and knowledge.

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