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Year 1 Hosts Share-A-Story

05 February 2016

On Monday 1 February, Year 1 welcomed the Reception girls to Prep for a Share-a-story and play afternoon.  This is one of the activities planned to ensure a smooth transition for the girls from Westbourne to Prep as they progress from one school building to another.

Each Year 1 girl had chosen, and brought in from home, a story book to share with a Reception friend.  They were extremely mature in then choosing a younger girl to read to and sharing the story and pictures with her.  This was an excellent start to Storytelling Week.

After this everyone put on their coats and wrapped up warm for a run around in the BIG playground.  Reception loved the freedom and Year 1 again did a fabulous job telling them more about school routines in Prep.  Furthermore, it was a great opportunity for the Year 1 girls to ‘catch up’ with their former Reception teachers.

This was a relaxed and successful afternoon and the first of many visits to Prep for the Reception girls before they join us full-time in September.

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