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Year 1 Conquer the Castle

12 November 2021

On Tuesday 9 November, Year 1 visited Tamworth Castle as part of their History Curriculum and learning about homes in the past. On arrival the girls really enjoyed the opportunity for a break after the coach journey as they played on the superb playground with its own castle theme.

After walking up the steep hill to the castle, the girls were ready to start their day. In the morning, the girls took part in two workshops. The first one was with Lady Ferris. The girls learnt how to curtsy when greeting Lady Ferris and also, how to lay the lady’s table. Lady Ferris also showed the girls the clothes the children of the time would have dressed in. She was rather confused why girls had come to visit her in breeches and not their usual gowns!

The second workshop showed the girls how to dress a knight for battle. They learnt that at the age of seven boys would begin their training to become knights. The session culminated in a play battle where the girls had to show their most scary war-like faces to scare their enemies away!

At lunchtime, the girls enjoyed chatting to their friends in the Great Hall while eating their packed lunches.

The day ended with a tour of the castle, where they had to look out for certain features such as the battlements, the wall walk, the arrow slits and the moat. Tamworth did not have a moat however the river formed a natural form of defence for it. The girls were able to see the river clearly from the top of the tower. It looked a long way down! There were many steep steps to climb but all the girls enjoyed the challenge.

A thoroughly enjoyable and educational day was had by all!

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