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World Challenge Expedition Training

18 September 2015

A group of 13 challengers set off on Saturday 12 September for their practice World Challenge Expedition in Cannock Chase. This was a weekend away for the girls to expand their knowledge about their South Africa Expedition but, more importantly, to enjoy the outdoors with their group and to learn more about each other for the four weeks they will be spending away together in July 2016.

We arrived promptly at 10am on Saturday, well-layered and prepared for the bad weather they expected ahead of them. With their incredibly large rucksacks packed on their backs, all the girls were eager to start the weekend. Unfortunately, around 11am, the girls got soaked by the torrential downpour of rain but this did not at all dampen anyone's enthusiasm for the day. The girls set up their tents before they started their first day of walking.

In the evening we prepared dinner as a group for the complete team including our teachers Mrs Parsons, Miss Jacks and, of course, Andy our leader for the weekend. The dinner resulted in a very interesting choice of rice which, to the majority of the group, was not very appetising. This taught us all a lesson that we should plan our meals carefully and make sure we have a selection of everything.

During our two days we absorbed a vast amount of information about what we should expect in South Africa and picked up extremely interesting tips and facts which everyone was amazed by. One of the highlights of this weekend was when the whole group, instead of walking down a very steep hill, decided to slide down it instead. Unfortunately Mrs Parsons' attempt at demonstrating how to walk using a zig-zag technique failed and turned into a forward roll leaving the group crying with laughter for the rest of the weekend. Luckily she didn't get hurt and was able to continue with our very enjoyable weekend.

We started as a group and became a team and worked incredibly well. We all agreed that this was 'the best weekend EVER" and were told by our group leader that we had all worked fantastically well together. As a team, we would like to thank Mrs Parsons and Miss Jacks for giving up their valuable time to take us on such a fantastic experience. If this was only a two day hike in Cannon Chase, we cannot wait for the real deal in South Africa in the summer, when they will have to put up with us for four weeks!


Amatullah Hameed 11J


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