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World Book Election Day

06 March 2015

With the General election only a few months away Prep girls have been preparing for the process, not with politics in mind but with books.

Mrs Scott-Dickins launched the project as our focus this year for World Book Day. Candidates from Year 6 volunteered in advance to stand and to represent a variety of different authors. With their Campaign managers they set about persuading the voters by producing advertising posters and preparing their persuasive speeches.

On Thursday morning, World Book Day, the girls were given a little history of people being given the right to vote and about the first secret ballot. The excitement of the campaigns was building.

After lunch the candidates addressed the various year groups in the hope of securing their votes. Armed with their ballot papers votes were cast and counted.

The winning candidates are to be announced in assembly and we will bring you the results of our election next week.

Who would you vote for?

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