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26 November 2021

It was good to welcome so many visitors to our Prep School in Action Day. The girls welcomed the visitors too and were happy to share their thoughts about their favourite lessons with them.

All of the girls also enjoyed the Bhangra Dancing Workshop with Sohan on Tuesday which extended their knowledge gained from the Beyond the Curriculum Diwali Day earlier this half term.

Nursery girls have been busy with their black and white activities this week. They have worked on their fine motor control by lacing mittens and tracing patterns along with some messy play colour mixing!

This week in Kindergarten they have been looking at the letter c. The girls practised their letter formation and, using copy writing, wrote some words that begin with the sound. They have also been thinking about cats and their favourite pets. They decided on their favourite pet and created a class pictogram, had a go at sorting the different animals, as well as feeding the cat some fish using mathematical skills! 

In preparation for the Christmas festivities, Reception girls have started to make French Christmas cards, complete with sparkles and Joyeux Noel writing!  They also continued with their outdoor activities by collecting autumn leaves with their wheelbarrows and rakes.  At the start of the week, girls learnt about making independent choices by choosing their sandwich fillings and making their own sandwich.  Delicious!

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