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Performances Showcase Energy and Poise

26 November 2021

We were treated to a fantastic show from our Dance students who gave perfomances of their current work in a recent assembly.

Girls from Year 7 and 8 Dance Club have been attending Thursday lunchtime club to work on this fantastic piece in which they took on the roles of revolting children; hopefully they left this in assembly and returned to their delightful selves for their lessons afterwards! This was a fantastically high energy piece and we wish them luck as this performance has been entered into The Great Big Dance Off. 

Year 10 GCSE choreographed this dance based on the stimuli of 'a mask'. They explored gas masks and researched the blitz, the gas chambers and the fear experienced by those who were in World War I and II. Their music juxtaposed this sober theme and they performed some intricate choreography:

Girls in Dance Club range from Year 7 through to the Sixth Form, including KS3, GCSE and A Level dancers. This melancholy dance highlights the issues of homelessness, focusing on the local area of Birmingham. The dance was introduced through a video with interviews from local homeless people and the dancers tried to demonstrate the sadness and loneliness but also the support members of society try to give to those in need. The girls are now working towards their next performance to be entered into The Great Big Dance Off:


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