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Westbourne's Bhangra Tots

26 November 2021

Sohan Kailey came to Westbourne on Tuesday with his Bhangra Tots Diwali Workshop.  It was good to welcome him back to EHS after the long break with restrictions in place. He encouraged all girls in Nursery, Kindergarten and Reception to wiggle, giggle and dance during the interactive learning sessions. 

It was a fun and exciting way for the girls to learn about the story of Diwali through Bhangra dancing, interactive storytelling and creative movements.

The girls went on a magic carpet ride to India where they acted out the Hindu story of Rama and Sita being banished to a forest and then celebrated their return to the palace all through Bhangra dance movements! 

This workshop further extended knowledge gained on the Diwali Beyond the Curriculum Day help earlier this term.

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