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To Infinity and Beyond

26 November 2021

Year 5 were transported off our planet last Friday when the star dome came to visit. We had a great time exploring the constellations of different cultures, exploring the phases of the Moon, watching in shock as a person was 'spaghettied' in a black hole simulation and visiting the International Space Station.

The girls had much to say about their visit:

'When I went into the star dome for the first time I was amazed! The best part was seeing the 'roof' open because it looked amazing!’

'The best part of the visit was seeing inside the International Space Station. It was much bigger than I thought!'

'My favourite part was learning about how the astronauts live and work at the International Space Station.'

'At first the dome just looked like a tent but when I went inside I thought it looked so cool and almost magical.'

'I think the best part of my visit was when Mario first opened the planetarium to reveal the sun and then changed it to night time to show all the beautiful stars.'

'I was amazed to learn that black holes are a real thing in space. We saw the location of the black hole at the centre of our galaxy, Sagittarius A*. I learnt that if astronauts get sucked into a black hole their bodies will be stretched like a noodle by the huge gravitational forces!'

'I learnt a lot in the planetarium, I think the most interesting thing I learned was about the constellations and what different cultures saw when they looked up. The whole visit was amazing though!'

'My favourite part was when we got to hold a part of a real meteorite which caused the Barringer Crater in Arizona. I didn't think it would be so heavy!'

'I liked seeing the simulation of what the sky would look like during the day if the Earth had no atmosphere. It would be cool to see the Sun and the stars at the same time but I think I'd miss the blue sky.'

The visit was clearly very thought provoking!

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