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Visiting Barrister Delivers Valuable Advice

Senior School | Sixth Form

07 October 2022

As well as alumnae who give their time to speak to current pupils about their experiences at university and in their careers, the school also has an extensive programme of external speakers who contribute to our Careers Talks. Last week, we were delighted to welcome Mr Garcha, a barrister, to speak to students about his career. As student Shyma Uddin reports, this session has proved one of the most popular talks we have hosted.

Last week pupils at EHS had the opportunity to attend a careers presentation by Mr Garcha. An impressive criminal barrister KC who has been in the legal field for more than a decade, Mr Garcha was truly inspiring and gripped students by considering them to potentially pursue a career in Law.

More than 200 students attended, each eager and attentive to discover more about a career in Law and how to achieve it. Mr Garcha spoke about pathways, informing the girls on which universities to consider and how to approach gaining work experience. Mr Garcha gave really useful insight and many of the girls considered him a great motivator, urging them to work harder to fulfil their dreams.

Mr Garcha was inspirational as he spoke about his experiences and the hardships he faced as an ethnic minority in the field of Law. He reassured the girls by saying that with hard work and dedication anyone could attain what they wish. It was uplifting to the students to know Mr Garcha had difficulties in attempting to pursue his passions but persevered and was ultimately successful!

Whether or not you wish to pursue Law, many of the girls found the careers talk fascinating and a great learning opportunity, and we are pleased to say Mr Garcha will be able to join us again for another lecture. We look forward to seeing him again in the future!

By Shyma Uddin

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