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US Election Fever Sweeps EHS

13 November 2020

US Election Fever Sweeps EHS

On Tuesday 3 November, six Year 11 students took part in the EHS Flash Election to mark the US Presidential Election. The aim of the event was to give the Senior School an insight into some of the key policies of the Democratic and Republican Parties, and to provide an insight into some of the key questions that the American public were asking themselves on the run-up to the election. The girls argued the case for both the parties promises on healthcare, environmental issues and the economy. The debate was, at times, fierce, and it was clear that our volunteers enjoyed getting into character and playing their parts. In the preparations for the debate, there was much discussion amongst the volunteers regarding which party they would represent, indeed, many of them put their own political leanings aside to take part. It was a testament to the students’ debating abilities that they were able to embody their roles s completely.

Once the debate had taken place, each Senior School student was sent an electronic voting form, which resulted in a decisive win for Joe Biden and the Democrats. Very well done to Marie-Eve, Cicely, Abigail, Gracie, Gursharan and Polly for diligent preparations and their superb performances on the day.

Mr P Smith

Director of Academic Enrichment

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