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EHS Old Girl baking success!

13 November 2020

Go to University or start my own business or career?  A difficult choice and one that I am sure many students face. This is my story…

From a young age I realised I had a strong passion for baking. I had always been very keen and interested in food and nutrition during my years at EHS and proceeded to study the subject at GCSE. I had gone through my school years baking at home, for fellow class mates and contributing to charity bake sales.

During sixth form, when the time came to think about university, I didn’t really think about what I truly wanted to do and went along with what was expected by applying to go to University. I completed the application process and made a decision on the University I wanted to attend. It wasn’t until A level results day, when faced with the prospect of going to University, that it hit me… I loved baking and really wanted to start my own business!  

This wasn’t just about baking or just about being my own boss but a combination of the two. I had to think very carefully about how baking could earn me a living and what being in business actually meant. 

Thankfully I had people around me that I could talk to and get advice as well as share ideas. This was one of the most important aspects in making my final decision.  I would always advise talking to as many as people as you can.  Get different opinions and try and learn from their experiences.  While understanding how valuable and important getting a degree is, I knew that I would personally rather go straight into business. 

One key piece of advice, was not to cancel my place at University.  I decided to hedge my bets and defer my offer, so that I still had University as a back-up and set up my own baking company to pursue my passion. I had many people share their opinions about my choice.

The next important decision was what to call my business.  After many hours of trying to come up with something creative and meaningful, I thought why not keep it simple and to the point… At that moment ‘Natasha Bakes’ was born!

Thankfully, from then onwards the business has taken off, I didn’t need to rely on the back-up and I am now working full time and continuing to grow my baking business, Natasha Bakes!

Natasha Rana left EHS in 2019. Instagram - @Natashabakes_

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