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Time for Teeth

05 December 2014

Kiri Bayall and Isabelle Sargeant in Year 3 have reported on the visit of Mrs Shoja-Assadi on Friday of last week. This visit gave them good health advice and may have inspired some future careers.

"We have been learning about teeth in our Science lessons and the visit from the dentist helped us to understand more.  We looked at a cross section of a tooth first.

"We also watched a video which featured Harry who gave us some good messages. Next, we learned how to brush our teeth properly. We chewed blue or pink disclosing tablets which dyed the plaque on our teeth. We enjoyed this part even though the tablet tasted funny.

"We were given a pack with a toothbrush and more tablets to have another go at home. We enjoyed the dentist's visit."

Kiri Bayall and Isabelle Sargeant, Year 3

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