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17 November 2023

Nursery girls have spent a very busy week with activities based on Nursery rhymes in line with World Nursery Rhyme Week.  This has involved inviting visitors to join in the fun.  Parents joined the girls on Monday morning to start the week and then grown ups from across the school have visited to share their favourite rhymes.  These have included Mrs Macro and Mrs Crimp from Senior School, Nurse Alani, Mrs Aston and Madame Hennous from Prep, Mrs Bowler and Mrs Masih Rai from Reception.  The ladies in the Dining Room at lunch time joined in too.

It has been a busy week in Kindergarten too with a focus on the letter r. Children started the week with some letter formation practice and enjoyed putting together some of their own rainbows based on the shape of the letter. Through the week they have enjoyed making shape robots where they have had to count out various shapes to incorporate in their pictures. They have also worked on their counting skills and have even started to look at the shape of numbers through the use of numicon. 

Making rabbit puppets was definitely a favourite activity as the girls enjoyed using them to role play once they were made. The girls have also thought about robins, read stories about them and have considered how they live in their outdoor environments.

In preparation for Remembrance Day last weekend, Reception girls went on a 'Poppy Hunt' in the outdoor area.  After having found their poppies, they stuck them together to make a decorative wreath.   This week girls listened to 'Spot's First Picnic' by Eric Hill, in Creative writing lessons, and have written some fantastic sentences retelling the story.  One of the many sounds they have been learning is the 'e' sound and girls took great delight in making little 'egg men'.  They had wobbly eyes, stripey hair and were even holding a flag with the word 'egg' on!  

Reception work on healthy eating continues and they have made some delicious sandwiches in their Topic lessons.  There was much discussion about healthy foods and non healthy foods.  They learnt about sequencing events to find an end result.  Girls were able to eat their sandwiches as a treat at the end! 

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